Uninsured Patients Laboratory Access

Uninsured Patients Laboratory Access
Lab Corp

LabAccess Partnership (LAP) Program
NOTE: To access the LAP program, patients must pay the discounted fees of the ordered laboratory tests in full at the time of service. Patients with prior unpaid laboratory charges may not be eligible for the program until overdue balances are satisfied.

  • What is the LAP Program?
    The LAP program is a menu of routine clinical tests that are available to uninsured patients at discounted pricers when those patients use LabCorp Patient Service Centers (PSC) for specimen collection.
  • Who is Eligible for the LAP Program?
    The LAP program is available to self-pay patients who are uninsured or whose health care benefits exclude coverage for clinical laboratory testing services.
  • How can Uninsured Patients Participate?
    Patients must present their test request paperwork at a LabCorp PSC for specimen collection. A list of PSCs, including hours of operation and directions, is available by calling toll free 888-LabCorp (522-2677) or by visiting the LabCorp website:www.LabCorp.com.

Quest Cares Uninsured Patient Program

  • For appointments or to find other local locations, call 1-800-LABTEST (522-8378) or online at www.questdiagnostics.com/psc.
  • Locate the nearest patient Service Center (PSC) in your area at 800-377-8448 or QuestDiagnostics.com/patient.
  • Anyone without insurance coverage for laboratory testing is eligible to join the QuestCares Uninsured Patient Program. The program includes approximately 100 of the most popular routine tests to help you save money on the tests doctors order most often. Visit the website for an up-to-date listing of tests available through the program.