Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Are you accepting new patients?
Currently, our panels are closed to new patients for all insurance plans.  Please check our website in the future, as updates about the status of our patient panels will be posted here.

2.  What insurance do you accept?
We accept most insurance plans. However, we don’t accept Access, Aetna Better Health, AmeriChoice, Gateway Health, Keystone VIP, Select Plan for Women, Tricare, or United Healthcare Community.

3.  Do I need to schedule an appointment for a vaccine?
Please send your doctor a message through the Patient Portal or call the office and describe the type of  vaccine you are requesting. We will let you know if your doctor has any questions or if a doctor’s visit is required.

4. Do I need an appointment to have a prescription refilled? How long will it take for my prescription to be ready?
An appointment is not always necessary to refill a prescription. Patients can request a refill through our Patient Portal or by calling the office. Prescription requests  are processed within 1 business day.  Please keep in mind the following exceptions:

  • All refills for controlled medication must be requested two business days before the refill is needed.  Prescriptions for controlled medications will not be refilled after 12 PM on Friday, or on the weekends.
  • Some medications require monitoring by your doctor. We will let you know if an appointment is needed.

5.  I think I have a urinary tract infection. Do I need to make an appointment?
Our preference is for you to come to the office and drop off a urine sample. If the urine sample confirms an infection, we can prescribe medication. If the diagnosis is still unclear, we would need you to schedule an appointment. If you’re not able to bring in a sample, please call and leave a message for your doctor.

6.  Do I need a referral to see my gynecologist?
No. Gynecologists are also considered primary care doctors, so you do not need a referral to see them.

7. How can l leave a message for my doctor?
During office hours, patients can leave a message for their doctor by calling 215-242-5000.  Please note, patients are to leave enough relevant details regarding the purpose of their call  to that their call is appropriately prioritized.  A doctor or nurse will respond to calls within 1 to 2 business days.

Patients can also register for the Patient Portal and email their doctor directly through our secure messaging system.   A response will be sent within 1 to 2 business days.

After office hours, one of the Greenhouse doctors is always available to be paged for urgent situations that cannot wait until the office opens.  Patients will be connected to a medical answering service, who will contact the physician on call.  For emergencies, call 911 or go directly to an emergency room.    Doctors should not be paged for routine requests when the office is closed.  Our website and phone system offer options for frequently used services including prescription  refills, referral requests, and lab results.

8.  How long can I expect it to take for a doctor to return my call?
Doctors try to return all phone calls by the end of the business day. However, depending on the doctor’s schedule, return calls might be made after the office is closed. Since doctors prioritize return calls according to how urgent the problem seems to be, it’s important to provide as much detail for your reason for calling as possible. If no details are provided, we will assume it is not urgent and your call will receive lower priority.

9. How does your referral system work?

Patients with HMO insurance plans (Aetna, Amerihealth HMO, Keystone Health Plan East, Keystone 65), are required to use Greenhouse Internists’ capitation site, Tower Health (formerly Chestnut Hill Hospital), for radiology and physical therapy services.  Some health plans besides HMOs  may require prior-authorization for complex imaging tests like CT Scans and MRIs. When patients are referred by a specialist to an out-of-network provider, the specialist must complete the prior authorization.

Before requesting a referral, patients are to verify that Greenhouse Internists is listed as their primary care provider on your insurance card.  Referrals must be requested at least 3 business days before a specialist appointment.  The following information is needed at the time of referral requests:  the name and phone number of the specialist, the reason for the visit, the specialist’s NPI number, and the patient’s best telephone number in the event additional information is needed.

10. What do I need to do if I have a form that needs to be completed?

We are happy to complete all necessary and appropriate patient forms.  There is a $15 prepayment fee for this service.  Patients are to complete any non-clinical information that they can before dropping off the form.  Forms are completed within 7 business days of receipt.  Patients are notified when the form is completed.

We are an independent community-based Internal Medicine practice