Virtual visits are a very effective and convenient way to obtain medical care from your healthcare provider.  The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has approved more technology services that can be used for healthcare purposes.  Greenhouse Internists will conduct virtual visits with our patients through three options:  Google Duo,, or FaceTime.

Google Duo
Google Duo is a video app compatible with both Apple/iPhone and Android platforms. It allows iPhone and Android users to talk to each other.  If you choose to use Google Duo, please download the app before your appointment.  Be sure to provide us with the phone number you plan to use for the visit.
Recommended web browsers:  Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari 11+
1.  Connect via website
To learn how to connect with your provider from the website, click the following link: Virtual Visit Instructions Using

2.  Connect via Provider Badge You can also start a virtual visit with your provider by  using their badge below. Just click “Start a telemedicne call with” above your provider’s name: